Monday – 150907

Labor Day

Tomorrow, we’ll run Open Gym from 9-11am.


Tomorrow is the beginning of our second go-round with the Juggernaut Strength Program. And I’d be darn shocked if everyone wasn’t chompin’ at the bit to get started on their Back Squat GAINZ. (I mean, it is Monday.)

There won’t be any structured classes, but there’s a workout for you to tackle if you need some direction. Of course, feel free to do something ridiculous as CrossFitters are often wont to do.

Happy Labor Day, Folks.


Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


Juggernaut W1D1

Back Squat
5×10 @ 60% of W1RM

*Last set is 10+


11 Minute AMRAP

3 Hang Squat Clean 135/95
3 Thrusters
5 T2B
5 Pullups
7 Pushups
7 Burpees


5-Way Shoulder

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