Labor Day and Juggernaut – 150907

Happy Labor Day, gang!! Just a reminder that we will have open gym from 9-11. Since I didn’t notice the holiday until last week, we have a workout scheduled. Feel free to do the scheduled workout or make up your own.

We will also be starting The Juggernaut Cycle again!!! If you can’t make it in, you can start your squats on Tuesday. Click here and make a copy of the spreadsheet to track your progress. Using the spreadsheet is maybe the most important part of this strength program. It adjusts your working 1 RM to ensure you are constantly pushing your abilities. USE IT!!!

Spealler Warmup
CrossFit Warmup

Juggernaut W1D1
Back Squat
5×10 @ 60% of W1RM
*Last set is 10+

11 Minute AMRAP
3 Hang Squat Clean 135/95
3 Thrusters
5 T2B
5 Pullups
7 Pushups
7 Burpees

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