Tuesday – 150818

You guys did an AWESOME job!!! Last week, we set the bar pretty high. I did a little math and thought that 2000 lbs was aggressive, but it just seemed too perfect. A TON of PRs. Just has a nice ring to it. Well, you stepped up to the plate and SMASHED that goal! From what I can gather from Frank and Jesse’s math, it looks like we amassed 2225 lbs of PRs! I’m pretty sure a few people forgot to add their PRs to the board, so the total was probably even higher than that! Congrats to everyone!!


This was the culmination of a 16 week strength program called The Juggernaut Method. We’re going to take a few weeks to reset, and then we will go back to a strength cycle. So, here’s the question – Do you want to repeat Juggernaut, go back to Wendler, or try something new? Vote now, or forever hold your peace.





Clean and Jerk

5 x 2+1

Weights should be challenging, but comfortably below max efforts. Use the same weight for all sets.




Box Jumps 24/20″

Push Press 95/65

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