Monday – 150810

Welcome, to PR City! We have endured 16 weeks of strength work. We have done 10+ and 8+ and 5+ and 3+. We have squatted, benched, deadlifted, and pressed to failure. And now is the time that it all pays off. And we want to see every single PR. All week, we will have a running count of the PR’s on the whiteboard. Make sure to add your name, weight, and lift to the board, along with how big of a PR it is. I am setting a goal of a TON of PR’s! Let’s make a gym PR of 2000 lbs this week! #314PRWeek




Back Squat
Find 1RM


For Time:

Row 500m


3 Rounds

10 Pistols
15 Pullups


100 x Double Under

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