Tuesday – 150602

Matt Mills, Lift Big Eat Big sponsored athlete – 345lbs Farmer’s Walk, 75 feet

The Farmer’s Walk is about as functional as it gets. Pick something up, carry it somewhere. Groceries, children, luggage, whatever.

Have fun with today’s Strongman Medley, Folks.

N.B. – Matt Mills is carrying 345lbs PER HAND. We’ll be attempting 340lbs total, at most. Try to shoot for about 85% of your 1-rep-max Deadlift.




Bench Press

5 @ 50%
3 @ 60%
2 @ 70%
1 @ 75%
8+ @ 80%

Work to failure on the final set.
Use Working 1RM or 90%

Stronman WOD

“Bumper and Dan”

For Time:

Sled Pull 2 Lengths (135/90)
Farmer’s Walk 50m (340/240)
10 Stone to Shoulder (145/115)

After a full recovery, you may repeat if desired.

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