Monday – 150601

Chris Spealler – Overhead Squat

I have an appreciation for anyone that can perform a well-executed Overhead Squat. It requires Strength, Balance and Flexibility.

And Patience. Lots of Patience.

Practice the Overhead Squat with a PVC pipe during the CrossFit Warmup. Perform 5 or 10 reps for a round or two each day you are in the gym for 3 weeks. You will be surprised at your gains in a variety of lifts.




Back Squat

5 @ 50%
3 @ 60%
2 @ 70%
1 @ 75%
8+ @ 80%

Work to failure on the final set.
Use Working 1RM or 90%


“Oh, Andrea…”


Double Under

*After each couplet, complete 10 Overhead Squats at 95/65

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