Wednesday – 150527

Jeff Martone – Kettlebell Snatch Demo

The sport of Kettlebell Lifting has long fascinated me. It requires tremendous muscular stamina, coordination and even cardio-respiratory fitness. (Three things I happen to be good at.)

Check out this video of Jeff Martone competing in one of the sport’s main events: a 10min AMRAP of Kettlebell Snatches with a 53lbs kettlebell.

Do you think any two of us could take down his score of 234?




Bench Press

3 @ 60%
3 @ 67%
3 x 8 @ 72.5%

The final set is for max reps.
Stop 1-2 reps short of failure.

Partner WOD

“Claude Cooper, Clapper Caper”

6 Rounds

Partner A: Row for Calorie (20/15)
Partner B: Max KB Snatches* (53/35)

Then, switch.

Score is total number of KB Snatches

*Scale to KB Swing

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