Wednesday – 150520

Dan Bailey - Zig Zag Sprint

Dan Bailey – 8th Place in the 2013 CrossFit Games

Don’t get me wrong folks, workouts like Sunday’s “I Can’t Drive 55” are fun and awesome to do as a group. Nothing makes for a strong community like suffering together and commiserating afterwards.

But short-burst workouts with sizable rest intervals can be equally fun and rewarding. And they tax the energy systems of the body in a different way than a long steady effort does. (In fact, CrossFit argues that the effect is much more potent than the long and slow stuff.)

There are a lot of words in this article, and only a few pictures, but if you find yourself bored or just interested in learning more about the topic, it’s a good one for some leisurely reading.

Sunday Funday’s long and impossible workouts are super swell, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. But nature sure does reward the fast and agile with some bodacious bods – like former collegiate sprinter, Dan Bailey – as shown in Exhibit A above.




From the 2013 CrossFit Games

“The Zig Zag Sprint”

Complete a minimum of 4 efforts.


“The 314 Sled Push and Sprint”

For Time:

50m Sled Push
100m Run
50m Sled Push

Complete a minimum of 3 efforts.


Gus’s Abs

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