Tuesday – 150512

Kipping Handstand Pushups are like any other skill: they require regular practice to become efficient at them.

You’ll surprise yourself with the improvement you make with just five minutes of practice every time you’re in the gym, during the CrossFit Warmup.




Bench Press

5 @ 50%
3 @ 60%
1 @ 70%
AMRAP @ 75%

*Use 90% of your 1RM


From Main Site – 130125

75 Hanstand Pushups for time.

Every minute on the minute, perform 20 Double Unders.

Compare to 130509

N.B. – This workout is a brutalizer on the shoulders. Sleeves are for occasion, and this ain’t one of them. And mobilize the heck out of your shoulder complex before and after the workout, for goodness sakes.

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