Monday – 150511

Memorial Day Murph

Memorial Day Murph is a longstanding tradition in the CrossFit Community across the world, and CrossFit 314 is certainly no different.

This year, we’ll run the following schedule on Memorial Day (Monday, May 25th):

  • 9:00am – Doors open, coffee served, general camaraderie to be had;
  • 9:30am – First Heat for MDM
  • 10:30am – Second Heat for MDM
  • 11:30am – Stragglers Heat for MDM
  • 12:00pm – BBQ and Beverages served courtesy of BBQ specialist Matt Tucker. (Beverages compliments of the gym.)

Feel free to bring a dish to pass or a few beverages of your choice if you like, but please know that nothing is necessary apart from your willingness to sweat and give it hell.

You should also feel free to bring in any friends or family who’d like to partake in the day’s festivities. HOWEVER! If you are at all hesitant regarding how to appropriately scale a Hero WOD for a CrossFit rookie, PLEASE seek the counsel of one of the owners before unintentionally giving your 2nd cousin and his new wife rhabdo.

We were packed to the gills last year, and we’re certainly looking forward to more of the same for 2015.




Back Squat

5 @ 50%
3 @ 60%
1 @ 70%
AMRAP @ 75%

*Use 90% of your 1RM


“Rear Wheel Drive”

10 Rounds for Time

200m Run
3 Power Clean (225/155)

N.B. – The workout posted late tonight because I was on a date with my beautiful wife for Mother’s Day. We stayed for an extra round of beers. There will be a 30 burpee penalty for anyone who disapproves.

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