Wednesday – 150408

Brandon Morrison on a Horse not a Pony

Brandon Morrison of Lift Big Eat Big.

I’m a big fan of this guy. He has a sound research-based approach to nutrition, he regularly puts in the hard work necessary to improve in his sport (Strongman), and he accepts all things fitness – Strongman, CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting…anything, really.

Check him out doing today’s Axle Bar Complex at what looks to be 220lbs or so.

And keep in mind that he started the sport of Strongman when he was 6’3″, 170lbs. I guess I like the guy so much because he is a great example that Hard Work Works.




Strict Press

Strongman Test

Event 1 – 1min

Axle Bar Clean and Press Once
Axle Bar Clean and Press Twice
Axle Bar Clean and Press Away

Weight is 160lbs for men, 100lbs for women. Score is reps completed on the Press Away.

Rob – 8 reps at 160lbs
Neil – 17 reps at 160lbs

Event 2 – 2min

Tire Flip

Event 3 – 3min

Stone to Shoulder

Weight is 145lbs for the men, 95lbs for the ladies. The bold ladies may use the 115lbs stone should they desire.

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