Thursday – 150402

Nick and Marietta - Deadlift

Marietta Smith and big brother Nick – Sibling Deadlift

In January of 2014, Marietta – like many – made the common resolution to lose weight and get in shape. Between January and June, she had lost 7lbs at a reg’lar ol’ corporate gym packed with fancy machines and ellipticals and all the fixin’s.

It’s not that she was doing things wrong. It was a good first step for her.

Marietta started at 314 last summer when we ran our annual Living Social deal. Over the last 10 months, she’s upped her total weight loss to 40+lbs. On her tiny 4-foot, 11-inch frame, this is an astounding number.

Here’s a before picture of Marietta from her FB page. She gave me permission to share. And here’s an after picture. I mean, it’s kind of an after picture. It’s more of a progress picture. Because she’s only been doing this for 10-months, and we all know it takes at least a solid 3-years to develop a Virtuous Air Squat.

To anyone out there who is trying to find “one weird trick for weight loss,” or heaven forbid they try and convince me that “It Works,” I have neither the time nor the patience for you.

There are only three things that work: Dedication, Consistency and Hard Work. And Marietta has all three. With a constant smile to boot.

Marietta, there are some people who have a more profound influence on my gym than others. And you are one.

Keep up the Strong Work.




Muscle Up
Tutorial and Progression

Complete 10 Skin the Cat as well

Workout of the Day

“Present Day Mongol”

For time:

15 Muscle Up
800m Run
10 Muscle Up
400m Run
5 Muscle Up


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