Thursday – 150326

Rob Staring Jones Down

Caption Contest

Winner will have the privilege of making Rob Carr immediately stop whatever he is doing and run 1-Mile for time. Please take into consideration whether a second coach is on hand and available to take over his class for the 12-minutes it will take him to complete the event.



Strength Tests

1. Find 1 Rep Max

Double Overhand Axle Bar Deadlift

2. AMRAP – 60sec

Axle Bar Deadlift (Mix Grip)

Advanced: 270/180
Intermediate: 220/140
Beginner: 180/110
Novice: 60% of 1-Rep Max

Partner WOD

“The Uranian Muse”

5 Rounds

10 Hang Power Cleans* 140/90
20 Deadlifts
30 Box Jumps 24/20
100 Double Unders
*Axle Bar

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