Friday -150306

CrossFit Open

Workout 15.2 of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Open will be announced at 7pm(ish) tonight. You can CLICK HERE to follow the details as they unfold. Saturday morning, the 9am and 10am classes will perform the workout regardless of whether or not the athletes are officially signed up for the Open.

This week, instead of playing a guessing game with Friday’s workout and unintentionally programming 75 Toes to Bar before a workout with 100 Toes to Bar, we’ll be programming the WOD after the announcement of 15.2. If CrossFit HQ programs box jumps, our workout will be situps. If they program heavy deadlifts, our workout will be running and pushups. Etc., etc., etc…

Regardless of what comes out of the hat at the announcement of 15.2 tonight, I promise that the Coaches of CrossFit 314 will make you at least 1% fitter than you are today. So even though the workout will be a surprise, just show up, work hard and have fun.

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