Friday – 150227

Rocky Tucker - Front Squat

Rocky Tucker

Everybody knows the best part about Rocky, right? It’s Tiff. (I’m just kidding of course. It’s RJ*.)

Aside from Rocky’s splendid family that is with him at the gym on the regular, my favorite part about this guy is not only his consistent hard work over time – we all know that is something I hold in the highest esteem – but it’s also his patience rehabbing a nagging back injury without giving up.

It’d be nice if it were 100% possible to avoid any chance of injury in CrossFit and in life, but it’s just not. What’s important is that you consistently do a great job of listening to your body and not overdoing it. Should an injury befall you, play it super safe for the short term so that you can lift long and prosper for the long term. Like Rocky.

Keep up the Strong Work, Rock.

*Rocky’s brother Chris is also clearly a strong contender for the best thing about Rocky. (Don’t worry, Chris. I got you bro.)






“Straight Slime”


3 Power Clean 185/115
10 Deadlift
3 Power Clean
10 Front Squat
400m Run

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