Thursday – 150226

Tiff Harris - Split Snatch

Tiff Harris

Tiff marks yet another successful student of the 8-Week Muscle Up Program. (Truth be told, Jones put her on an abbreviated 4-week program due to her starting level of Strength, Flexibility and Coordination.)

I think we can afford to let the cat out of the bag on this one. We’ve got three different programs that we’ve used with a handful of different athletes. Each program works. BUT!! It’s only because the common denominator between the three is the CONSISTENT DEDICATION of each of the athletes, day after day, week after week, for MONTHS!!

In a nut shell, hard work works.

Keep it up, Tiff. It is excellent having you in the gym.




Muscle Up
Tutorial and Progressions


“Following the Leader”

For Time:


Calorie Row*
Toes to Bar
Box Jump 24/20

*Sprint length of gym if the rowers are full. (One length = one calorie.)


100 Hollow Rocks

*Or Ab Routine of Coach’s Choosing (Summer’s coming, people!!)

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