Tuesday – 150224


The Novotney Family

Every now and again it’s helpful for me to get knocked straight back on my heels to realize there’s more to life than a 400lbs Deadlift or a new one-rep-max Back Squat.

The Novotney Family is healthy and happy, and we are more than grateful for your kind words, well-wishes, and support.

Such a pleasure to be a part of such a Strong Community.





Even: 1min Plank
Odd: Strict Pullups

Score is number of Strict Pullups.

Strongman Partner WOD

“Only the Strong Shall Survive”

5 Rounds

10 Stone to Shoulder 145/95
Sled Pull 135/90*
20 Axle Bar Deadlift 200/160
Sled Pull 135/90

*Use KB’s and metal plates in sled

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