Monday – 150223

Azra Denic - Deadlift

Azra Denic – Deadlift

We’re starting our 3rd cycle of Wendler 5-3-1 this week. I’ve gotten a handful of both questions and confused looks regarding when and how to increase the work load for the program.

Increase the work load EVERY CYCLE! We may or may not retest one rep max lifts between cycles. Regardless, your “Working one-rep-max,” (that 90% number that makes everything so confusing), should increase by the following each time we begin a new cycle:

  • Squat/Deadlift: +10lbs
  • Press/(Bench): +5lbs.

You can use THIS SPREADSHEET to figure out all of your numbers in one sch-bang. (Sp.?) I also find it useful to see the plan ahead of time, so you’ll know what lifts you can expect to be hitting 6 months from now, just from sticking with the program.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask a coach. I hate to see anyone spinning their wheels in our gym.




Back Squat


“Delta X”

10min AMRAP

10 Back Squat 185/115
10 Handstand Pushup
200m Run
10 Pullups

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