Saturday – 150221

Casey Wilson - Split Jerk

Casey Wilson – Split Jerk

I’m racking my brain here trying to think of a time that I have seen Casey walk into the gym without a smile on her face, but I’m fairly certain it has never happened. I’m also pretty sure there is no one that is more receptive to coaching cues and willing to put in the long tedious hours to make herself a better athlete.

Casey, it’s a pleasure having you in the gym every day. Quite frankly, I was surprised to find out that you have only been here six short months. Seems like you have just always been a staple of the 314 Community.

Keep up the Strong Work.



Partner Triple WOD*

2011 Open Workout 11.3

AMRAP 5 minutes of:

Squat Clean 165/110
Jerk 165/110

2011 Open Workout 11.4

AMRAP 10 minutes of:

60 Bar facing burpees
30 Overhead Squats 120/90
10 Muscle-ups

2011 Open Workout 11.1

AMRAP 10 minutes of:

30 Double-unders
15 Power Snatch 75/55

*All reps are shared. Rest 5min between AMRAP’s and reset bars.

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