Monday – 150202

Meghan Goudy – 310lbs Deadlift, PR

What a great way to spend a weekend. Thanks to all the athletes that came out to lift some heavy weights, set some PR’s and high five everybody givin’ it hell.

I had a bunch of favorite moments between the two days. In no particular order, here are a few:

  • Sara Coe’s 207lbs Clean and Jerk
  • Andy Jordan’s 237lbs Snatch in sneakers
  • Jon Goudy hitting the bottom of his Squat
  • Dave Coe’s 200lbs grind through the Bench
  • Mike D and Laura V’s monster Deadlifts (550 and 350 respectively)

But Meghan Goudy hands-down got my vote for Best in Show. What a great freaking lift. The energy in the room when that bar started to creep off the floor was electrifying.

Thanks for a great show this weekend, peeps. Keep up the Strong Work.




Back Squat



BarBell Step Ups 95/65


1000m Row for Time

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