Thursday – 150129

Mendy Finley - Muscle Up

Mendy Finley of CrossFit O’Fallon

Mendy made 16 Muscle Ups at the competition last Saturday. The most of any athlete – male or female.

She also impressed me by holding herself and her team to the highest standards of movement. She no-repped a teammate for not controlling the axle bar on Workout #1, perhaps costing them a spot in the top 3. But at the end of the day, Strong Character is worth 1,000x a tub of protein and some pictures on the podium.

It was great having the CrossFit O’Fallon athletes down for the competition. We were all floored by your impressive athleticism.

Keep up the Strong Work, Mendy.



Gymnastics Quality

Complete 30 Strict Toes to Bar
Partition as needed

Partner WOD

“The Field at Weehawken”


5 Bar Muscle Up
Axle Bar Front Rack Walking Lunge 90/70

*Non-working partner runs 400m. Switch on partner’s return.

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