January – 150122

K-Favre and Nikki Cox

K-Favre and Nikki Cox

Want to know what these two girls have in common? (Besides a 300+lbs deadlift?) At last year’s 314 Invitational, they did not have the option to perform Muscle Ups. Because they couldn’t.

But this year they can. And who knows how many others will be joining them.

Here’s a Podcast that we forgot to post this afternoon talking about how we took 6 athletes from no muslce up to the top of the rings in 8-weeks. We’ll publish the programs when we’re finished preparing for the 314 Invitational.

If you’re not swinging from the rings at this year’s competition, it’s time to start thinking about a goal for next year.




Strict Weighted Pullup
5 x 5


“Hurry, Cain”


Box Jump 24/20
Kettlebell Snatch

*30 Double Unders after each set

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