Wednesday – 150121

Jesse - 155lbs

Jesse, at a tune-up race in the midst of training for the 2009 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

In 2009, I finished the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in a time of 2:50:11. I won no awards. I did not even place in my age group.

But I had trained consistently, and with utmost dedication for months. On race day, I was as prepared as any Elite Athlete who hoped to have a shot at the prize purse. I left EVERYTHING out on the course. It was the proudest athletic accomplishment of my life.

This Saturday, very few athletes will win – or even place – at the 314 Invitational. But out of 126 athletes, I hope 126 walk away knowing that they gave it everything they had. I hope they know the same satisfaction and pride that comes from working your tail off and executing a great day that I knew back in 2009.

Here’s a fun recap of my experience back then. See you Saturday, folks.

N.B. – I thought I was a total hoss back then. At a whopping 155lbs.




Split Jerk
Find 1RM


“Cannot quit. Too legit.”

With a 13min Clock:

500m Row
50 Wall Ball
50 Situps

In time remaining,
AMRAP Clean and Jerk (BW)

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