Thursday – 150108

Lindsay Valenzuela - Muscle Up

Lindsey Valenzuela – 2013 CrossFit Games Runner-Up

I came across this quote from one of my favorite CrossFit Athletes, and I could not agree more with the sentiment.

To all the hard working moms, dads, 8-5’ers, first responders and anyone who’s just trying to better themselves on the daily, Keep up the Strong Work.

“Anyone who gets up everyday and spends time in the gym, even if they know they will never compete. The people who balance life, career, training, and family. It’s one thing to balance school and training… But to balance career, bills, family, and life but still manage to better oneself… Now that inspires me.” —Lindsey Valenzuela




4 Rounds

250m Row
Sprint 5 Lengths

Rest as needed

Strongman WOD

Stronger than Yesterday*

21 Stone to Shoulder
3 Length Sled Pull (90/60)
15 Stone to Shoulder
2 Length Sled Pull
9 Stone to Shoulder
1 Length Sled Pull

*You’re welcome.

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