Wednesday – 150107

Fred Parker

Fred Parker – Press

The Press is by far my weakest lift. And when I watch monster-men like Fred and Vinny take my one rep max for reps on Wednesdays, I’m mostly happy for them. Mostly. Like, at least 89%.

I’ll tell you what I’m 100% happy about: watching Fred PR his snatch a couple of weeks ago. And watching Vinny PR his Bench Press on Monday. And what the heck is in the water these days because we’ve got girls making Muscle Ups and Pulling 300+ for doubles left and right!!

Seems like every time I check my Facebook feed, there’s another PR. And I love it.

Fred, Vinny, and everybody that’s putting in the Strong Work, keep it up.




Shoulder Press*


“Open Presents”


Push Press (75/45)

*Compare to 140120


GHD Situps

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