Tuesday – 141216

Nikki Cox - Toes to Bar - hashtagnailedit

Nikki Cox – Toes to Bar Like a Boss

I had such a great time at the Tag Team Throwdown on Saturday. But boy I sure did get my behind handed to me on a silver platter. I was put in my place by my partner exercising circles around me, an old buddy running me into the ground right next to me all day (well done, Kevin Vaughn!), and by the workouts themselves. I finished 21 measly synchronized burpees with Rob Carr and thought I would surely die right then and there.

Don’t get me wrong though. It was a freaking blast. I was due for an ego check.

To my 314 athletes representing us on Saturday: I was prouder than a peacock. Your lifts were so sharp and you gave it so much hell that I was positively beaming while I was shooting the breeze with other owners/coaches that were there.

And Nikki Cox, when you busted out those Toes to Bar half way through the final workout of the day when I wasn’t even sure I could get one Toes to Bar because I was so dang tired… Well, holy moly. I was floored. Again.


Thanks for doing us proud as a gym, folks. Keep up the Strong Work.


Matt Chan Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


Turkish Getup



Burpee Box Jump Over 30/24
Push Press 135/95


Single Leg Double Kettlebell Deadlift
3×10 (5 per leg)

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