Thursday – 141113

The Muscle Up Metaphor

The Muscle Up is not a skill that is randomly achieved except for the very few genetically gifted. It takes weeks if not MONTHS of hard work every day.

I feel like Jones intentionally took this photo so that I could sufficiently explain how I watch you* move through the CrossFit Warmup. It is ALWAYS through the lens of “How long until this athlete gets their first Muscle Up?” The flip side of that lens is, “Why isn’t this person working on their muscle up?!”

The link below is to Dusty Hyland’s breakdown of the Muscle Up; it is the most thorough that I have come across. Treat it like the syllabus of a semester long class. The final exam being something akin to this video of Stacy Harriss.

*Please note that any time I refer to watching “you” move through the CrossFit Warmup, I am referring to impersonal you. Not “Meghan Bryant.” Or “Christie Caira,” for that matter. 😉


Spealler or Chan Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


Muscle Up


“Some Folks Call it a Sling Blade”

20min AMRAP

75 Double Under
400m Run
30 Box Jump (24/20)

Jesse – 4+75rx

N.B. – Today’s rep scheme will need to be scaled appropriately just as you would scale the weight appropriately for something obnoxiously heavy. If you are not a running/endurance/high-rep machine, DO NOT COMPLETE THE WORKOUT AS PRESCRIBED. [end rant]

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