Wednesday – 141112

Neil Jones - Rack Jerk

Neil Jones – Level 2 Trainer

The Split Jerk has long been my favorite lift. It is possible that the Deadlift is becoming my favorite lift, but that is neither here nor there.

What is important is that when you find your 1 rep max Split Jerk you have very demonstrable bravery in your attempts. Your head should wind up a good amount “through the window” made by your arms and the barbell. A fine job by Jones, above*.

When I see you miss a Jerk because you were too timid to dive under the bar and push your head through even though you seemingly had sufficient strength, a small piece of my heart dies right then and there.

Don’t go breakin’ my heart**.

*It is entirely likely that this photo was taken after Neil Jerked the weight off his back. Still, his head position is just hunky dory.

**I freaking love Elton John. #LJBJ


Spealler or Chan Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


Split Jerk
Heavy Singles


“The Short Stories”


Deadlift (225/135)


100 x 4-Count Flutter Kick

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