Tuesday – 141111

Dave Ruhland - Power Clean

Dave Ruhland

Some of my favorite things about Dave:

  • He is always down for any workout, any time. In fact, just a couple weeks ago, he happened to be in the gym when I was starting my Smolov Bench Cycle. He just said, “Ok, I’ll do that too.”
  • He started in December of 2012 with an immature squat position, and a boatload of flexibility issues. Accordingly, he spends a good chunk of his free time at the fire house mobilizing, which has paid off in boatloads of gains in both strength and speed.
  • He is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

To all our Veterans, “Thank you” is clearly an understatement. The best part of my life is my two-year-old son, Henry. There is not a day that we play in the park or the back yard or the train store that I am not grateful for the safety and freedom provided by those of you willing to pay any price to protect that freedom. I mean that. It is regularly on the forefront of my mind.

Keep up the Strong Work, Dave. It is excellent having you in the gym.


Spealler or Chan Warmup
CrossFit Warmup


“Strontium Atoms”

3 Stations

10min Per Station

Station 1

Even Minutes: Reverse Tire Pull (200/140)
Odd Minutes: Rest

Station 2

Even Minutes: 284m Run (Curb to Curb)
Odd Minutes: Rest

Station 3

Even Minutes: Calorie Row (20/15)
Odd Minutes: Rest

*Score is rounds completed out of 15.

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