Tuesday – 141014

Emily Cuba - Double Under

EmCee Hammer

The Double Under requires a high level of Coordination, a rhythm. If your rope is flying about haphazardly in a desperate attempt to make your first Double, so be it. But beyond your first, you should be able to hear a pattern in the sound the rope makes.

I do not consider the Double Under to be an “Rx skill.” If you can complete a single under, you can likely complete a Double Under. Practice EVERY day.

N.B. – Emily Cuba is a superb athlete and super fun to boot. You might think that my favorite part about her would be something along the lines of her excellent development as an athlete during her time here at CrossFit 314, but in truth, my favorite part about her is that she has never once not let me call her EmCee Hammer. She just went with it.


5 Minute Spealler Warmup
Shuttle Run
1 Round CF Warmup
Shuttle Run
Double Under/Row/Mobility


Strict Press
3×8@50% of 1RM



20min AMRAP

10 Muscle Up
50 Air Squat
100 Double Under

*Sub for MU will be 15 Pullups and 15 Pushups per round.

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