Saturday – 141004

314 Invitational

For those unfamiliar, the 314 Invitational is an infinitely scalable competition held in January at CrossFit 314. Today’s double workouts are Events 2 & 3 from the 2014 event.

It will take a team effort to complete both of these workouts within the normal hour class time on Saturday morning. Prepare yourself by watching the videos and picking appropriate scales ahead of time.


5 Minute Spealler Warmup
200m Run
Set up for Workout
Move through the movements


314 Invitational Event 2

“When the Levee Breaks”

500m Row – Person 1
500m Row – Person 2
25 Sandbag Squats – (80/60)
25 Burpee Over Bag
25 Sandbag Squats
500m Row – Person 3
500m Row – Person 4

15min Cap


314 Invitational Event 3

“The Polar Vortex”

Muscle Up – Men 5, Women 2
35 Box Jump (24/20)
100 Double Under
35 Thruster (75/45)
Sled Pull (135/90)

15min Cap

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