Monday – 140929

Aladin Hegic - Split Jerk

Aladin Hegic

The Split Jerk has been my favorite lift since I was introduced to the barbell back in 2009. Check out this video to get a rough idea of your foot position on the Jerk. It is rather common for athletes to Jerk with too narrow or too shallow a stance.

I really like Aladin’s foot position in the photo above. When I asked him how he felt about the lift, he had this to say:

“No beard, NO REP.”

Keep up the Strong Work, Aladin.

N.B. – Today’s blog humor has been brought to you by Steph Marsh. She receives 30 extra Super Special Bonus Points to be redeemed at the end of the year for prizes and awards.


5 Minute Spealler Warmup
Shuttle Run
1 Round CF Warmup
Shuttle Run
Double Under/Row/Mobility


Back Squat*


“Shoots and Leaves”

10min Clock

One Clean
Two Jerks

Find heaviest set.
Before each attempt, there is a 20 burpee buy-in.

Neil Jones – 250lbs, one attempt.

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