Wednesday – 140723

Kristin Favre - Sled Push

Kristin Favre

I have such a phenomenal amount of respect for Kristin. A short list of a few of her recent fitness achievements:

  • Five  consecutive pike-position Skin the Cats
  • A Muscle Up with utmost Virtuosity
  • A good-form 300lbs Deadlift.

It should be noted that Kristin is not in the gym for hours upon hours every day. In fact, outside of the 60-ish minutes she spends at 314 on the regular, she is a normal adult, pursuing a successful career with Boeing. (She was recently accepted into Boeing’s Executive Development Program, reserved for the top 1% of performers in the 170,000-person company.)

One of CrossFit’s founding principles is that Elite Fitness is attainable by the masses in just 60-minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. There is no better example than Kristin Favre.

Keep up the strong work, Kristin.


5 Minute Spealler Warmup


Turkish Getup
5 heavy sets of 1/arm

WOD #1

4x400m Run
2 minute rest between

Rx – 90/100 seconds
Scaled – 110/120 seconds

WOD #2

4x100m Sled Push
Rx 270/180

Rest as needed

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