Thursday – 140508

Team Row

Today’s workout looks like a real doozie…because it is.

One of CrossFit’s principle tenets is that higher intensity workouts increase fitness better than lower intensity workouts. When I write a weight on the board that is too heavy for you to keep moving at an intense rate, many of you are rightly quick to scale to a lighter weight in order to maintain a higher intensity.

This workout is no different, even though there are no weights. I would say the time domain for tomorrow’s workout is about 20min. The distance and/or reps will need to be scaled appropriately to fit within that time frame. Do some thinking about this before you come to class.

And for the record, it’s a doozie, but it was a fun one. (At least to watch.)


5 Minute Spealler Warmup
Shuttle Run
1 Round CF Warmup
Shuttle Run
Double Under/Row/Mobility



Team WOD

6k Row
5k Run
1000 Double Unders

Teams of 3 work concurrently. Rotate on the 400m run.

Rest if station is complete.

Nikki Degreef and Tracy Winters – 16:00 (2400m Row/Run, 250 Single Unders)

N.B. – Nikki and Tracy are both mothers to five children. Each. They both still carve time out of their schedules to workout 2-3x/week with Tim, Neil or me. I am the oldest of five children myself, and I have much respect for them for doing so.

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