Thursday – 140327


Amy Werkowitch joined Jesse and Neil this week to talk about all things life and CrossFit. Check out CrossFit 314 Podcast #20.


CrossFit Warmup

3 Rounds of 10





You may have noticed that we have been working with these percentages quite a bit. You are also probably frustrated with the math. The short story is that we are using a tried and true strength program to increase overall capacity in the squat, deadlift, press, and related movements. This is a program developed by Jim Wendler, and it WORKS! If you’re interested, you can pick up Wendler’s book on Amazon. If you are just interested in making the math easier, bookmark the following link and type in your max to find your reps for the day – Wendler Calculator


6 Rounds

500m Row

Rest as needed between efforts. Scale rounds as needed.



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