Welcome to CrossFit 314

At CrossFit 314, we want to make you healthier. Whether you are a D-1 athlete or a grandmother, we can help you achieve your fitness goals. CrossFit uses a combination of gymnastics movements, weightlifting, and cardio to increase your overall fitness. That means that you will run faster, jump higher, and play longer.

Each class is led by a certified instructor, who works with every athlete to ensure the workout is scaled appropriately. Safety is paramount at CrossFit 314. We spend time to ensure you are moving well before adding weight to keep you safe. The best part about CrossFit 314 is the community. Everyone helps each other through the workouts. They cheer when you succeed and pat you on the back when you’ve had a rough day.

If you are looking for a place to get fit and have a great time, you’ve found it. Welcome to CrossFit 314.

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