Monday – 140223

Adam Erickson - 314 Invitational

Adam Erickson

Megan Bryant - Tough Mudder

Megan Bryant

Congratulations to Adam and Megan who walked away with the highest Sinclair Coefficients at the Weightlifting meet today!

After being red-lighted on his first two Snatch attempts, (and threatening the well-being of me and my family) Adam was good for a 175lbs Snatch and a 255lbs Clean and Jerk.

(Adam missed a 280lbs Clean and Jerk for his final attempt of the Weightlifting meet, but he proceeded to immediately step back up the the bar and knock it out for a PR, followed by a PR clean at 300lbs. Not too shabby, bud.)

Just narrowly missing a PR attempt at 105lbs, Megan was good for 97lbs on Snatch followed by a 137lbs Clean and Jerk – a PR!!

Megan: do you realize there is not a single photo of you weightlifting on neither (either?) Facebook nor the vast expanse of the entire Internetz? What gives?

Good show to all the athletes today. I hope we can still be friends, even if I red-lighted some of your PR lifts. 🙂


CrossFit Warmup
3 Rounds of 10


Back Squat
70%, 80%, 90% (of 90%)


“Why 2k?”

For Time:

200m Sandbag Carry (80/60)
400m Run
200m Sandbag Carry
400m Run
200m Sandbag Carry
400m Run
200m Sandbag Carry

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