Weightlifting Meet – 140223


The bars aren’t going to lift themselves.

Olympic Weightlifting Meet

8:30am – Weigh-ins and Warm-ups begin

9:30am – Announcements

10min after close of Announcements – Lifting begins

After Announcements, women will Snatch, then men will Snatch. Then women will Clean and Jerk, then men will Clean and Jerk.

Each lifter will be given three attempts for a max effort Snatch, followed by three attempts at a max effort Clean and Jerk. Each attempt will be made under the watchful of eyes of the following three judges:

  • Jesse Novotney
  • Tim Schultz

The biggest thing we’ll be watching for is that you catch the weight locked out overhead with NO press-out of the elbow. (Though Liz will just be making sure you give a really good effort, and then she will probably count your lift.)

When it’s all said and done, we’re out to have a good time tomorrow and get a feel for what it’s like to lift under pressure, taking only three efforts at heavy lifts.

If you have any questions before tomorrow, email Neil: neil@crossfit314.com.

You can listen to Neil, Tim and I hash it out about the meet on our latest Podcast here.

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