Friday – 140221

Rachel Adams - Kipping Pullup

Rachel Adams – Endless CrossFit Athlete and 314 Barbell Drop-in.

Kipping is whole-body, athletic, and demands coordination and agility. It is plyometric, requires flexibility of the shoulders, allows for rapid cycle time, and in totality represents an essential, unique, and powerful core to extremity motor recruitment pattern. ~ Greg Glassman

“Angie” is one of my favorite CrossFit Classics. I love its simplicity. Just complete 100 of the most basic and fundamental gymnastic movements as fast as you can.

Nearly everyone in the world has access to this workout, so long as they can find so much as a tree branch to complete the pullups. No matter where I am, or what “gym equipment” I have available, I can always complete this test to gauge how well I can manage my own body weight.

I have never been good at “Angie,” because my pushups always suffer from a weak chest and weak triceps. I can’t wait to test my increased chest/arm strength vs. my increased body-weight this time around. I can currently move more weight than I used-to-could because I am definitely bigger. But in the words of Louie Simmons, “Big ain’t strong. Strong is strong.”


CrossFit Warmup
3 Rounds of 10
Sub Ring Row for Pullup
Sub Mobility for Squat


Lacrosse Ball Shoulders

Girl WOD


100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats

For time.

Compare to 130313.

N.B. – Scaling appropriately is a MUST for this workout. Brock, Andy and Favre come to mind when I think of athletes who should complete this as prescribed. Few others.

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