Friday – 131227

Emily Cuba - Box Jump

When I say “Full Hip Extension at the top of the box,” this isn’t really what I have in mind. (Emily Cuba)


Cory Lewis - And Tina

We’re having a party this Saturday, the 28th, in honor of the good Dr. Cory Lewis. Party starts at 4pm and ends at question mark. (Those are the best kind of parties, right?) Cory’s family is from Kansas City, and they’ll have some legit BBQ in tow, and some of our members have been kind enough to stock our fridge with some tasty beverages for the holidays.

Bring your party pants and maybe a sixer or a dish to pass. Gym attire is equally as acceptable as club attire. (Which is the same for me anyway…)

Even if you don’t know Cory, use it as an excuse to come have some beers with some of the finest humans in the St. Louis region. It is bound to be an excellent time.


CrossFit Warmup
3 Rounds of 10


Ring Work


5 Rounds

25 Double Unders
20 Situps
15 Box Jumps


Row 1250m

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