Monday – 131216

Nikki Cox - Back Squat

Can we all agree that Nikki Cox is recovering from giving birth like a ferocious, athletic beast?

(Which, she is.)

Keep up the great work, Nikki.


CrossFit Warmup
3 Rounds of 10


Back Squat
4×3 Pause Back Squats
70-75% of 1RM


Test 3

From Main Site – 131009

Tabata Squats
Max MU in 4min

*Multiply lowest Squat Score per Round by Muscle-Ups completed, and compare to 131017.

Neil  – 17 squats per round, 19 MU for a score of 323.
Jesse  – 20 Squats per round, 17 MU for a score of 340.

(Neil would like to note that he completed three-quarters of his 20th muscle-up rep, making his score…still 323. But give him an extra pat on the back tomorrow. He needs it.)

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