CrossFit 314 Running Club

You asked for it, and we delivered. Announcing the CrossFit 314 Running Club!!!


“Why would you create a running club? Are you saying we won’t be fit if we don’t run?”

Quite the opposite, actually. This is not a couch-to-5k program. You haven’t been sitting on your couch. Well, you probably have, but you have also been doing pullups, burpees, thrusters, cleans, snatches, sprints, rows, double unders, etc. You all are freaking fit. If I chased you with a taser, you could all FINISH a race of any reasonable distance.

“Then, why the club? I HATE running!!!”

Lies. You don’t hate running. There are things you hate about running, but I know you secretly love it. How do I know that? You always tell me when you pr your mile. Or 400m. Or 200m. And you always look happy after a run. Maybe you don’t like the process, but you like the feeling when you are done. And I always hear 50 of you groan when we program running. If you really hated it, I would be sitting in the gym by myself.

“So, what’s the point? Can’t I just go run on my own?”

Sure you can. But do you? How many miles did you run on your own this week? Just like CrossFit, running is more fun with a group. We will provide programming, nutrition tips, hydration strategies, mobility exercises, and inspirational videos. We will also organize weekly runs and answer any of your silly running questions.

“I’m sold!!! Your bulletproof logic has won me over! What’s next?!?!”

Click here and ask to be added to our FB group. This is where we will post weekly runs, articles, humorous videos, and hilarious pictures of Jesse. Do it now! The training starts next week!

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