Living Social Final Day!

Hi all,

Today is the LAST DAY for our Living Social Deal. Judging by the great response we got, it’s a pretty awesome deal. So, if you know anybody that is on the fence about CrossFit or CrossFit 314 (or Tim, because he can be a little bit intimidating), go ahead and push that person right on over the edge and tell them to take advantage of this sweet deal today.


  1. The next Foundations Session will start Saturday, May 25th (Memorial Day Weekend). Classes will be offered at 11am and 12pm.
  2. If you bought a Punch Card, you’re welcome to start dropping in on classes IMMEDIATELY. Here’s the link to sign up.
  3. If you haven’t done so already, shoot one of us an email to let us know when you’re coming in. Tell us something about your athletic background, and maybe share your favorite Prince song or some other significant detail about yourself. (Neil’s: When Doves Cry.


  1. Help us out and sign up for your classes in advance if you can. (More in advance than as you walk in the door, Nikki.) It’ll help Neil, Tim and I manage the Coaching Schedule, determining when we’ll need at least two of us in class.
  2. Introduce yourselves to the new folks. I haven’t met them yet, but rumor has it they’re all swell.
  3. Cory: be on best behavior.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Email me:

Oh, and today’s WOD wrecked Jen pretty well this morning. (She tore it up.) I’d definitely spend some time mobilizing tonight so that you can walk up and down stairs tomorrow.


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