Thursday – 130228

Brock - Shuttle Run

The brutality of today’s WOD should not be under-estimated. I had to have Rosie drive me home after this one. I even teared up a bit. (Not from the workout. There was just a video of a sad kitten on Youtube.)

Each movement before the muscle up should take you about 30-seconds. Scale appropriately. This includes the distance on the shuttle runs, as well as the number of reps on burpees and double-unders.

If you have a muscle up, I encourage you to attempt the actual movement or perhaps a scaled transition. If you make 20/30, I count that as a win. Less than 15/30 would indicate you should have scaled the movement.

The sub for muscle ups will be 1 pullup and 1 pushup. Avoid using a band on pullups if possible. If you must use a band, your pullups must be strict.


CrossFit Warmup
3 Rounds of 10


3 Rounds

Each Round is a 10min EMOM

Round 1
Shuttle Run + 1 Muscle Up

Round 2
7 Burpees + 1 Muscle Up

Round 3
30 Double Under + 1 Muscle Up

*There is no break between rounds.

**Jesse and Brad Jokerst – 30/30 Muscle Ups…barely.

CrossFit Endurance at CrossFit 314 – 130228

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