Thursday – 130221

The Morning Crew

The Morning Crew. (From left to right: Jennifer Manolis, Charlie Backer, Jen Rieser.)

Two notes about this photo:

  1. Jennifer sacrificed her lumbar curve to smile for the camera. Chest out, butt out! (But thank you for smiling. 🙂 ) Jen R: quit looking at Charlie and keep your spine neutral!
  2. Charlie is my buddy from WAY back. (Like, over a decade ago. We’re getting old.) I’ve been battling to get him into a morning session for WEEKS now and he finally showed up on Tuesday!! Unfortunately, this was the only photo I have of him. (He was still in bed when this was taken.)

Great to have you back, Chuck. Now let’s work on those pullup/handstand goals!!


CrossFit Warmup
3 Rounds of 8





Clean and Jerk

*Reps must be unbroken, touch and go, resting at the top, in the front rack, or in the hip crease.

**No time-cap.

CrossFit Endurance at CrossFit 314 – 130221

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