Tim’s Take

As we get closer to opening, I realized that my time at my current gym (CrossFit South City) is coming to an end. I realize most of you are glad about this, but whatever, I’m not talking to you. To the 1.75 people at my gym that will actually miss me, I would like to thank you for showing me what CrossFit is. CrossFit is not a place; it can be done in a basement or in a park. It’s all about getting together where you can, when you can, with whomever you can, and working hard. I actually think it’s funny that it took the act of me joining a gym to realize I didn’t need to join a gym to get in shape.

Now, I’m sure you’re now thinking “this idiot is opening a gym and he just said you don’t need to join to get in shape!” So, why do you need a gym? For the community. The people you surround yourself with will push you to do better in workouts and in life. The community adds an aspect of accountability to fitness that makes it more effective. More than that, the community makes it fun! That’s what will keep you coming back.

As we get closer to opening our doors, I am not excited about working out at a new “place” or working out with new stuff. (Okay, I’m a little excited about the new stuff.) I am excited about starting a new community and showing them what my community showed me… How to be better at life.

Oh yeah, I’m also excited because everyone will have to pretend to like me, or I will make them do burpees!! Peace

Now stop crying and do burpees
Home WOD
Burpees and situps

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