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Meet the Trainers

At CrossFit 314, we believe the quality of our trainers directly impacts our clients’ results. We are constantly working to expand our knowledge to provide you with the best training. Neil Jones CrossFit Level 2 Trainer USAW Sports Performance Coach…


314 Barbell Club

The 314 Barbell Club is dedicated to the promotion of Weightlifting as a sport. We work with athletes to improve competency in the snatch and clean and jerk. This is accomplished first by teaching proper, efficient form. Under the supervision…

Daily WOD


Monday – 160829

What an incredible weekend! Sounds like our crew did awesome at G3! Here’s what I’ve gathered from our crew: Josh filled in for another team and did great! Definitely helped them out and represented 314 like a champ. Lindsey compete…

Megan Goudy - Dumbell Snatch

Saturday – 160827

Best of luck to Meghan, Dani, Preston, and Drew who will be competing at G3 this weekend. Stop by Chaifetz if you’re in the area to cheer them on. For tickets and heat info, check out the FB page. Warmup…

Friday- 160826

Warmup Spealler Warmup CrossFit Warmup Strength Bench Press 5×8 @ 70% of 1 RM – Alt with drop set pullups WOD Run 1 mile 10-8-6-4-2 Deadlift 225/185 HSPU


Tuesday – 160712

Matt Tucker, Brian Schilli, & Tony Vickers – photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Kennedy Photography Check out these three Men. Yep. They deserve a capital M. You may catch these guys crushing ridiculous workouts during the 4pm open gym, and we…

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Monday – 160627

Greg and Nicki Schmidt enjoying breakfast from Chris Cakes St. Louis We have some pretty awesome members, and I’m always excited to find out what you do outside the gym. This weekend Paul’s catering company met up with Greg’s wife’s children’s…

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Memorial Day Murph

Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and, as is tradition, we will be performing Murph. For us, this is a tough workout and a humble nod to the ultimate sacrifice that far too many Americans have made. After giving it some thought, I wanted…

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