Many people say that crossfit is a complex sport and indeed, the difficulty lies not only in complexes, unpredictability, but also in the lack of statistics, although it was invented almost 20 years ago, there are still a lot of changes in the regulations, the principles of competitions, and therefore it is problematic to deduce some statistics for forecasts. Crossfit is not to say that it is new, but, let’s say, not everyone knows the direction, which is gaining more and more fans every year. And this applies both to those who are engaged in this sport, participate in tournaments and competitions, and those who bet on the result of these competitions. Fortunately, legal bookmakers have the necessary functionality.

What is crossfit itself?

So, this game, in fact, can not be called a sport in the classical sense of the word. This is a kind of physical training system, a circular training, which is based on high-intensity training aimed at developing strength and endurance. Such sport combines elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell lifting, powerlifting and other disciplines.

Features of crossfit competitions

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Given the youth and specific nature, competitions in it are held not so long ago and have not yet become widespread, but, nevertheless, they are held at the national level (including in Russia), at the level of continents, for example, European Regionals Crossfit and, of course, at the world level. A kind of unofficial Crossfit World Championship is considered to be the CrossFit Games (full name Reebok CrossFit Fitness Championship). Competitions are held both in individual and team competitions, among athletes of various age categories. There is even a special competition in which teenagers – girls and boys aged 14-15 and 16-17 years-compete. So, the words about the growing popularity of this event are confirmed. Which, however, is not surprising, given the advantages of this sport and the result that it gives to athletes.

Where can you place a bet on crossfit?

Bookmakers, who are constantly expanding the number of events for gambling, have recently accepted bids on crossfit competitions. However, do not think that registering at any bookmaker’s office will open up the opportunity for you to bet. Bets on this sport are accepted only by bookmakers with a wide line, for example, 1xbet.

Types of crossfit bets

Winner-bets on the athlete who will win the competition. The prize – winning place is the conclusion of a wage on getting an athlete into the top three. Special bids: there may be additional markets on the day of the competition, for example, the winner’s country and others.

How to bet on crossfit correctly?

Let’s highlight the points that you should pay attention to before gambling on crossfit in online bookmakers.
Competition analysis
To make a forecast and choose a favorable wage, you should study the latest tournaments, the form of participants, the specifics of competitions, as well as take into account recent injuries, the psychological state of athletes, motivation, experience, age.
As a rule, only a few people (teams) seriously claim to win, so the analysis is simplified to comparing the main favorites. So, at the CrossFit Games, Mat Fraser has won in the men’s category for four years in a row, and Tia – Claire Toomey has won three in a row among women.

Game Strategies

The best strategy for betting on such a game is gambling on the favorite. In order for the coefficient not to sink, we recommend gambling on the favorite as early as possible, ideally – immediately after the publication of the line.

Features of crossfit betting

Since crossfit as a sport was formed relatively recently, it has a relatively narrow circle of fans. For this reason, bookmakers are in no hurry to accept bids on the sport in question. A study of the gambling market has shown that only several reputable companies have wages on this discipline. At the same time, the painting contains only a couple of options. The main competition is the CrossFit Games, which is held annually.

How to bet on crossfit via the Internet?

And we will complete this material from step-by-step instructions on sport gambling.

  1. Step 1
    Create a gaming account in a bookmaker’s office
    Check out the rating of bookmakers and choose an operator that meets all your requirements. Go to the BC website and register, the essence of which is to fill out a questionnaire for a new player and agree to the rules.
  2. Step 2
    Make a deposit using any payment method
    After registration, you will be asked to top up your account in your personal account. There are a lot of options for entering funds – from bank cards to mobile payments. Find a convenient method and top up your gaming account.
  3. Step 3
    Choose a right competition
    In the bookmaker’s line, go to the “Crossfit” category, then check out the nearest competitions and decide on the wage.
  4. Step 4
    Place a bid and expect the result
    When you have chosen the outcome for making a bet, add it to the coupon, specify the bet amount and confirm the transaction by clicking the “Place a bet”button.

Crossfit today is a developing discipline, betting on which can only interest ardent fans of this sport, for everyone else this type of gambling has no advantages.

You can obviously find suitable bet

Given the popularity of this sport, we can expect the appearance of new tournaments, which you can probably find in the line of the given choice. And in general, the closer to the start of events, the more outcomes and betting options the bookmaker offers. The victory of one of the athletes is not limited here, especially since there are also team competitions, where an equally intense struggle flares up. For sure, you will be able to find something suitable.