CrossFit Kids

At CrossFit 314, we believe that physical activity is vitally important to the health and well-being of kids. Beth Delling and Amy Howard teach kids ages 6-13 the foundations of CrossFit. Kids will play and learn in a positive and…


Meet the Trainers

At CrossFit 314, we believe the quality of our trainers directly impacts our clients’ results. We are constantly working to expand our knowledge to provide you with the best training. Neil Jones CrossFit Level 2 Trainer USAW Sports Performance Coach…


314 Barbell Club

The 314 Barbell Club is dedicated to the promotion of Weightlifting as a sport. We work with athletes to improve competency in the snatch and clean and jerk. This is accomplished first by teaching proper, efficient form. Under the supervision…

Daily WOD

Friday – 150227

Rocky Tucker Everybody knows the best part about Rocky, right? It’s Tiff. (I’m just kidding of course. It’s RJ*.) Aside from Rocky’s splendid family that is with him at the gym on the regular, my favorite part about this guy…

Thursday – 150226

Tiff Harris Tiff marks yet another successful student of the 8-Week Muscle Up Program. (Truth be told, Jones put her on an abbreviated 4-week program due to her starting level of Strength, Flexibility and Coordination.) I think we can afford…

Wednesday – 150225

Josh Clark – Strict Press CLICK HERE for a thorough and simple explanation of the three overhead movements: the Press, the Push Press, and the Jerk. Each helps to build the other two. I agree with the author, Jace Derwin….

Friday – 130823

“Beginner” A guest post by Jason Sciaroni “Fitness is not about being better than someone else…it’s about being better than you used to be.” – Random internet quote I still finish last in class, but I’m way better than I…

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CrossFit 314 Running Club

You asked for it, and we delivered. Announcing the CrossFit 314 Running Club!!! “Why would you create a running club? Are you saying we won’t be fit if we don’t run?” Quite the opposite, actually. This is not a couch-to-5k…

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Tuesday – 130716

If you’re going to do some Squat Mobility, you might as well make it SUPER SQUAT MOBILITY. Warmup 2 Rounds 400m Run 30 Double Under 20 Pushups 10 Pullups Mobility Super Squat Mobility “The Workout of the Day, op. 280″…

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